The easy and quick way to learn how to ride a bike

Teach your child how to ride a bicycle in a single afternoon!

Auto-Balance-Bikes for kids

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Auto-Balance-Bikes for kids

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What makes Jyrobike Brilliantly

"Can’t reinvent the wheel. But you can put your own spin on it"  - Lauren Beukes

By applying a little magic known scientifically as gyroscopic precision, and a big dollop of technical wizardry, we invented a new type of bicycle that balances itself. The technology is concealed in the front wheel of every Jyrobike.

We call it the Control Hub.

This powered, patented technology provides stability and balance, especially at low speeds, which is when most wobbles occur (starting and stopping). Jyrobike is simply the best way to teach your kids how to ride a bicycle. 

How does it work?

Jyrobike is the easy & quick way to learn how to ride a bicycle. We have invented a unique Control Hub built into the front wheel of a bike that is able to generate a stabilising force that resists the toppling force of gravity.

It is the world's only two-wheeled bicycle that automatically keeps the rider upright & stable, even when they tip or wobble. As the riders’ skills improve, you can slowly dial down the gyro (balance assistance) so that the bike does less & the rider does more until it is eventually turned off.

In the majority of cases, children learn in one afternoon!

For many observers, this functionality has a magical quality. However, the technology is actually based upon the well-known scientific laws found in all gyroscopes or flywheels.

Science behind the magic

Jyrobike was invented at Thayer School of Engineering in New Hampshire, the United States. Over the last five years, Jyrobike was further developed, tested and ridden by more than 10,000 children, making Jyrobike the world’s most researched learn-to-ride bicycle in the world.

Jyrobike has been designed for 3 to 9 year olds and available in 12” and 16” sizes. Every Jyrobike features a patented Control Hub in the front wheel that uses gyroscopic technology to keep riders upright and steady, even when they tip or wobble. The front wheel Control Hub is a battery-powered, rechargeable, motor-driven invention that intelligently drives a spinning flywheel at high RPMs. When turned on it acts like a gyroscope or gyro and provides a stabilising force, working just as gyros do to keep helicopters stable in the air, boats stable at sea and spaceships stable in orbit.

The result is an Auto-Balance-Bike that in the majority of cases, teaches children how to ride in one afternoon!

About Us

Learning to ride a bicycle can be tough, but we all endure because one of life’s greatest moments is the delight felt when you realise that you just went from ‘cant ride’ to ‘can ride’. It is nothing less than life inspiring and a memory that lasts forever.

Our inspiration comes from that perfect, beautiful moment of joy and freedom. Our passion is designing a bicycle that transports as many people as possible, directly to that point of happiness in the quickest and easiest way.